Wire Mesh Fence

T.M. Wire Mesh Fence

T.M. Wiremesh Fences : Is manufactured from high tensile strength steel wires that are welded together by electrical fusion to provide accurate panel and mesh dimension. This welded fencing system is stronger and more flexible to install. The roll top and bottom gives each individual panel perfect rigidity so that tensioning is not required. The fencing system comes complete with a hot dip galvanized which makes it corrosion resistant. The high quality of galvanized means maintenance free or repainting required for a long period of time.

T.M. Wiremesh Fences : can be used for a varieties of applications, such as residential housing, factory, industrial estate, parks, garden, sport fields, golf courses, animal farms, etc. for better security purposes.

Simply The Best, for last longer and better strong, and more durability and flexibility.