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T.M.Wire Mesh made from Cold Drawn Steel Wire and hot rolled steel bar (Re Bar and Deformed Bar) have been produced in order to replacing the previous daily routine work of joint the steel structure of the Building, Floor work, or Road’s contruction with human works.


Wire Mesh


Wire Mesh Fence


Safety Rail


Cold Drawn Safety Wire

T.M. Wire Mesh We choose only the finest Material

International Standard

  • Our Wire Mesh Production Work is under our local Law and Regulations Standard called TIS 737-2531; TIS 747-2531 and under American International Standard ASTM. A82, A185, A496 , A497; and under British Standard BS : 4482-4483 with the Ultimate Strength of approximately 6230-6650 KSC and the Minimum Yield Strength as 5000 KSC ***. Hence, our raw material of steel is stronger than the normal of Mild Steel that has been used in general construction which take Min. Yield Strength of 2490 KSC. only. ***T.M.Wire Mesh special quality yield strength as 5500 KSC***