Wire Mesh

Why T.M. Wire Mesh

The advantage of using T.M. Wire Mesh compared to the conventional manual wire cutting.


  T.M.Wire Mesh

  Manual Cutting

Better Strengthening 2,750 kg/cm.^(2) (use less materials) 1,200 kg/cm.^(2) (use more materials)
Steel Saves variable sizes of wire mesh generally 5-10% loss of steel
Labour saves no cutting or wiring requires extensive labour
No Special Skill Required no skilled labours required requires skilled labours so your cost increases
Less Maintenance easier to maintain and check complicated process in investigation task
Speed Up Construction Process helps speed up the construction time since less labours involved, easier to move and store occupying large storage space and difficult to transport
Materials Control easier to control and check the material volume in the contruction site difficult to control the construction materials